Designing iPhone Apps for Your Business

Innovate. Grow. Prosper!

Our software company designs iPhone applications that endue mobile devices with power and functionality. We specialise in embodying the most challenging ideas with the help of iPhones’ exceptional capabilities.

Our experienced mobile designers have been developing innovative, robust, and secure iPhone/iPad applications for more than six years.

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How we create apps

We are B2B app design agency that delivers business-driven solutions tailored to your specific company requirements and specifications. Don’t wait from us off-the-shelf software where the half of features is completely useless for you but still require monthly or annual payment. We design software tools that fit all your company needs and don’t have any destructive functions.

Bespoke iPhone/iPad applications development

We don’t use templates but create a unique design that reflects your business visual identity and incorporate your brand. Whether you need an efficient mobile app development for iPads that streamline and automate your daily operations and communication within the company, or you need a creative, stylish, and engaging iPhone software to attract new customers and retain your loyal ones, this is what we do! Our skills and experience can help you to:
  • Increase productivity and efficiency;
  • Establish better communication between your staff and with your customers;
  • Discover a new source of income.
Whether you are a representative of some startup company or an established well-known brand, we strive to help you to succeed with our bespoke mobile software solution for iPhones and iPads.
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Agile methodology

We follow the most efficient methods for designing iPhone programs that ensure delivering of a top quality app aimed at meeting your business objectives. The iterative and flexible process allows us to implement changes in your project throughout it rapidly responding to your growing demands. As soon as we discussed the brief idea and identified core functionality, our programmers start coding an MVP, a working program. This MVP shows in practice how your mobile software works. It lets you see if it is what you want, or it requires implementation of some feature and design changes. Your regular participation and feedback on any new implementation ensure that you will be satisfied with the final product. Proven methods, latest technologies, your ideas, and creative smartphones designers are the main constituents of the successful iPhone app.

UI/UX design

Your iPhone or iPad app should reflect your activity, promote your brand, and appeal to your customers. To create an interface design that fits your business the most we

  • Use latest technologies;
  • Carry on market research;
  • And gain a deeper understanding of your industry and personal requirements.

Putting your end users in the centre, we design interactive and intuitive user interface to engage and retain your customers. We design your app in a stylish and modern manner, for instance, we can use new system font, San Francisco, 3D Touch and multi-tasking on the iPad and iPhone software solutions. Our iOS design team strive to make your application accessible to a vast range of users and adaptive for all display resolutions and sizes.


Vibrant animation can build a strong connection between people and content of your iPhone program. The right usage of animation can provide proper feedback. It can also enhance user engagement by providing visualised results of their actions. Our iPhone designers always strive for credibility and realism to make easy-to-use and intuitive UI design.

Visual identity

Our design company strives to study your brand identity and reflects it throughout the iPhone app. Whether it is the right font, colour pattern or image decisions we smoothly add it in your program making it looking attractive. And we take into consideration that iPhone users love Apple products for their style as well. So we try to keep to the main Apple design concepts:

  • Clarity;
  • Simplicity;
  • Depth.


iOS platform allows automatically configure interface elements and layouts. Interface elements can change their shape and size depending on the devices’ screens. Your users might be interested in accessing your app from both iPhones and iPads. The layout that adapts to their devices’ displays will deliver better user experience.

Cutting-edge iOS Technologies

iOS platform is the most stable and secure in the mobile devices market. That is why it fits for business purposes so much. Apple keeps supporting its reputation as one of the most innovative companies. It updates iOS platform several times per year and brings new technologies to work productively with it. Our iOS app designers keep up with all the latest versions of Apple technologies and tools. This allows benefiting from all possible devices’ features while building software for them.

Programming languages

Our iOS programmers are equally competent in coding in Swift and Objective-C programming languages.
  • Swift is a relatively new Apple programming language. It was released in 2014 specially for iOS developers. Unlike C it has no all compatibility constraints making programming easier and more flexible.
  • Objective-C was the primary language for designing software solutions for iOS before Swift was released. It provides a dynamic runtime and object-oriented capabilities. Now it evolved to support blocks and modules adopting modern language technologies.
Xcode, an Integrated Development Environment, has autocompleted support. It provides an opportunity to discover bugs in the static code and numerous debugging tools. Such effective and regularly upgraded and updated tool makes program design process, testing, and debugging more seamless. We can easily detect memory corruption before it happens. Error finding feature allows app designers to provide your project with high-quality. It eliminates recoverable errors significantly reducing the time of development.
Interface Builder
Interface Builder is a tool that design interface visuality with a simplified implementation of customised built-in objects, such as buttons, sliders, tab bars, and labels. It is an editor within Xcode which allows our app developers to design functioning user interface without code writing. Such tool makes work visually compelling. In the end, iOS dynamically connects UI design and custom code via Table View, Collection, Navigation and other Controllers.
The framework is a software library that provides app designers with a fundamental structure. It supports software creation in a specific environment. Our app design company has access and can fully use all the capabilities of Apple devices. Building iPhone and iPad applications is much easier with the help of numerous iOS frameworks.
With a savvy framework usage, our software engineers can: 1
  • Simplify the program code and increase the time of app downloading,
  • Provide more functionality to the app and increase the design and development efficiency.
Framework usage also reduces time to market and allow us to design iPhone apps quickly and efficiently.
  • UIkit helps to design user interface from the very scratch with a high level of customization. This framework allows designing a single app that looks great on all iOS mobile device. UIkit introduces three main elements:
    • Bars that provide navigation and contain elements responsible for initiating actions;
    • Views with the primary content design including text, graphics, and animation;
    • Controls which initiate actions, such as buttons, switches, progress indicators and others;
  • Apple Pay to make payments within iOS in a secure and private way. The framework allows using iPhone’s Touch ID capability to authorise payment and provide contact information. With the help of this Apple tool, our app designers can implement clear and streamlined payment system.
  • HealthKit allows working efficiently with health and fitness data in iPhone and iPad devices. Software built with HealthKit can access and share data with Health app using standard permission screen that clarifies intent.
  • Social Media allows integration of social media accounts and interaction into the app we design. It includes the ability to sign-in without requiring additional authentication, to share content, and display an activity feed.
These are a lot of modern frameworks our iOS app developers familiar with and ready to integrate them creating your software business tool to make it quick, smart and convenient.
Our mobile app design company has a great team of well-versed specialists in designing iPhone apps. Our expertise allows us to realise any of your business ideas connected with software development.
  • Competitive Price

    App design is a service that can hardly be esteemed without detailed information about your project. The overall cost of iPhone development can vary from £15 000 for very basic and simple app to hundreds even if not millions of pounds. The average cost of the first version usually amounts £30 000 - £40 000. This is an approximate figure, and you can know more accurate price if you call our app design company. Still, we can assure you that it is a reasonable price and cost-effective investment because we develop only high-quality iPhone apps that add value to your business. And we can also help you with its monetization ensuring high ROI.
  • Quality Assurance Department

    Your iPhone app represents your company in the mobile world, and it’s your way to reach your end users. That is why your credibility and reputation depends on your mobile representative quality. To eliminate any possibility of your software project failure, our QA department predicts possible solutions for potential challenging problems that may occur while coding. Such approach with preliminary analysis allows to reduce all the serious bugs and improve the overall quality of the program. The bugs which were not determined in the analysis stage are found and improved during regular tests run throughout the development process. In the end, you receive an iPhone app that:
    • corresponds to your requirements;
    • looks great on all the iOS mobile devices;
    • performs well even if it is loaded simultaneously by numerous users;
    • meets all the coding guidelines and universal standards.
  • Technical support and maintenance

    Our iOS app design company has an extremely customer-focused approach in assisting our clients whenever they need us. We offer free consultancy helping our customers to validate their project ideas, answer your questions connected with software development and maintenance. We are IT experts with years of practice under the belt. We know information technologies inside out and ready to share with you our expertise. Don’t hesitate if you have any questions. We are happy to help you. Our app design services also include aftercare. We are always ready to prolong our collaboration with you to meet your ever-growing demands by updating, upgrading, or integrating new features into your brand-new iPhone app.