Our Team

Iratech has been founded in 2010 driven by the idea of bringing innovations in our life and helping people to take advantage of the available technologies and devices. We strongly believe that anything is possible and if we don’t have something today, doesn’t mean we won’t have it tomorrow. We love the idea of being creators and making tangible things out of thin air. Emerging technologies are a playground full of new capabilities that can be realised with our help. We build exciting mobile solutions for our customers adding value to their business because it is a great time to be working in the bespoke software space.

What characterise us:

  • Creative: Our out-of-the-box thinking leads to invention of software solutions of any complexity to deal even with the toughest business challenges;
  • Geeky: We are crazy about information technology and know how to make it work for you;
  • Collaborative: We work like a well-oiled machine sharing our expertise and experience one with another ensuring the achievement of the best results.
  • Diverse: Iratech’s expertise is shaped by multiple different backgrounds and across-the-board skillsets embracing all aspects of bespoke app development letting us provide a full spectrum of custom software development services;
  • Groundbreaking: We follow our perpetual curiosity and entrepreneurial spirit discovering new technologies and implementing them in our work;
  • Customer-centred: We believe that success of our customers reflects our own, that is why we do what it takes to help our customers to achieve their goals.
Get to know us, and you’ll see that we are bright and amiable people who worth to be trusted.