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We are a certified professional Android Developer company that improves the client’s business efficiency via bespoke software development. We successfully work with different mobile and desktop platforms, including Android. And as it’s one of the most popular, we pay a lot efforts, to satisfy all our customers’ requirements to help them achieve the buyer's satisfaction.

Development for the Android Platform

Creating for Android has many beneficial results, including wide target auditory and rapid business growth. The majority of devices are working on Google platform. This means that your products are much more likely to be internationally recognized and acquired through this growing platform. Our developers use PHP, JS, HTML, C ++, Swift, Java, modern frameworks and updated libraries. We are able to provide intelligent app development, web solutions, user interface design and UX testing, and assurance of overall development quality.

A well-planned strategy from the initial stage to the final stage can greatly improve the efficiency of the process. We help create superior products and, therefore, discover a development approach to help customers succeed in global markets. Our team has an innovative design, robust security and functional excellence. Multiple stages are needed to produce the best possible product. Let's take a closer look at these steps.

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Market Analysis and Business Research

The initial stage usually begins with the same procedure. The coder sits with the client, discusses business ideas and business objectives, and explains the main functions and profile of the target audience of the product. This is an important stage of individual development because it helps to establish a connection to avoid future unnecessary mistakes. In this way, professional Android Developer will consider the competitive format of the app that customers expect and find similar solutions already in the market. Next, the programmer will create an approximate framework based on the Android programming tutorial and proceed to the long development process.

First Step
  • Market study and product survey
  • Analysis of competing solutions
  • Outline of functional specification and development process
  • Make an easy-to-use model
  • Budget and resources
Create an Intuitive Design

One of the main functions is to try the design and navigate easily, so that developers can create attractive interfaces and user experiences with many functions. In this stage,

  • Creation of models
  • Design concept
  • UI test
  • Discuss the programmer and the functional design
  • We will receive the design approval of the client
Agile Approach

Our Android developers adopt an innovative and agile approach. It is the best way to create first class products in a short period of time by losing deadlines and minimizing errors. The productivity and flexibility of this approach leads to an increase in revenues, a reduction in overhead costs and greater competitiveness. Agile is now the definitive business strategy for key companies and optimizes communication between developers and customers.

Basic Agile Principle
  • Personal communication is preferable to other methods of communication.
  • Business oriented software;
  • Close collaboration between the client and the development team.
  • We will provide high quality products quickly in a few weeks.
  • Flexible response that changes at each stage of development.
  • Create software that works efficiently.
  • App development that matches your budget.
  • Focus on functional perfection and the perfect design.
  • Easy-to-use software
  • Respond to market conditions.
  • Support and long-term optimization to change the requirements.
Quality Guarantee

Our developers establish control of each project stage, verify the results of the tests and maintain records and documentation of agreed functions and functions. We strive to run at a higher level to get the best user experience. Our professional quality control officer is in charge of the following process that guarantees the highest quality.

  • UX evaluation
  • Test of app integration and software performance
  • QA test plan
  • Code revision and error searches
  • Total quality control

Activating the Software

When Android developers finish testing the Google Developer account, the team will optimize the app tests for Google Play Market and send them to future versions. The development process has been completed so far, but unlike other companies, we will continue to support and update the app on a regular basis as long as you want. To launch the app, the following activities are carried out:

  • Professional installation of SSL
  • Analytics
  • Submit the request to the customer or to the Google Play Marketplace
  • Software performance and server monitoring
  • Support and optimization after startup

Continuous Support

As an example of individual development, we will not leave the project without support only if the client so wishes. Our team of specialized, long-term teams supports projects that help owners maximize applications and maximize profits. In a modern market environment, it is essential to maintain them properly. To do this, the developers do the following.

  • Update launch and research analysis
  • Error correction
  • Optimization based on the user's review
  • Adapt to the changing business needs of the client

Development for Android

The Android operating system is an excellent platform for personalization and creativity. Our developers can build different types of mobile solutions for multiple purposes and businesses. We have created applications for different industries in the following way.

  • Transport and logistics
  • A company
  • Start solution
  • Health care and physical condition
  • Education
  • Real estate and real estate management
  • Development of messaging and social platform
  • Finance

In Android, you can create native apps, web applications and hybrid apps. "Native" is an app installed on a smartphone or tablet. You can usually download it from the app store (Google Play Market for Android, AppStore for iOS). These products are developed for the required platform and make full use of the function. Native applications can access contact lists, smartphone cameras, photo albums, GPS and more. Developers can freely add additional functions, such as custom gestures. Such app can send notifications through the system of the device is very convenient.


Speaking of a mobile app as a mobile app, these things are different, so they are not very precise. Web-based applications are websites optimized for mobile devices that look the same as real native apps. This software is usually developed in HTML or HTML5 and can be accessed through an Internet browser. Following the link allows the user to access the web page and access the app. If you add a bookmark for easy access, all the settings will be completed. Simply without installing it or downloading it.

Development of Native Apps

Our professional mobile developers have the necessary skills to create efficient and functional first class projects using the tools provided by Google. Typically, native applications are created using the Android Software Development Kit or the Google Android SDK. This app incorporates all the functions of message to GPS. By choosing our certification team, we guarantee first class results and all attitudes.

Select the custom app

Native applications are great for creating user experiences and innovative user interfaces. These applications are extremely flexible and can be optimized to work efficiently on any platform. We can enrich your project and incorporate the latest technology, such as QR code, GPRS, geotags, VR, NFC, mobile payments, etc. Our Android developers offer the following types of programming services:

  • Smartphone and tablet app creation
  • Android API


These applications include certain features of native applications and web applications at the same time. Hybrid applications are often confused with native applications and web applications because they can be downloaded from the app store and access device features. In addition, the hybrid app is written in HTML5 and can be viewed with the mobile browser, but as it already exists in the software, the user does not need to activate it.


Development of Hybrid Apps

As mentioned above, hybrid applications are created with web technologies such as HTML5, CSS, JavaScript and others. First, the developer creates a code base in one of the programming languages ​​and integrates this code into a native Android app. This process provides digital products that are compatible with most devices, greatly reducing time and effort. The advantage of hybrids is a richer functionality and the ability to operate on a wide range of devices. We offer the following development of hybrid apps:

  • Smartphone
  • Tablets
  • Android wearable device

Custom Operating System

Android can customize the software in several ways and provide a useful opportunity for the business. Using the design and color of the company, you can adapt the app to a specific brand. These marketing methods can improve productivity and promote corporate growth. Since these options are available to all companies, how about trying? Our developers can provide:

  • Custom boot logo and animation
  • Before installation
  • Personalised and creative app
  • Choose an Experienced Team

    We are developing an attractive mobile solution with advanced features and an intuitive and easy-to-use perfect design. Over the years, developers have completed the skills to create on mobile platforms such as Android, iOS and Windows. Our projects are already useful for multiple companies, who knows, to be successful with the help of our company,

  • Work with Expert Developers

    Custom development services are not limited to custom apps. UX, user interface design, integration with existing standard and custom software, e-commerce, software creation, PHP, HTML, CSS, OpenCart, Unity, AutoCAD, consultation, quality control test. Post-launch support for any client.

  • Professional Android Developer

    Our Android Developers team are certified developers with years of experience in programming and analysis. We have mastered the creation of applications and have worked with many companies. Regardless of whether it is a small startup project or not, share your ideas with us, ensure communication with the best customers and developers, attention to the requirements and full participation in the process. Our team has an important portfolio of successful successful projects with internationally acclaimed critics and appreciates the comments of former clients.

  • Scope of the Full Service

    Our developers offer a variety of Android tablet and smartphone services.

    • Individual development
    • UI / UX design.
    • Close communication between the client and the developer.
    • Proof
    • Integration with existing software
    • Transportation from Android to iOS / iOS to Android
    • Continuous support after the launch.
    • Google Play market optimisation
  • Solutions for Professionals

    How to make a perfect app? Our experts have found answers to this question many years ago, but they never improved the solution. The first class products must have an intuitive and easy to use design, an attractive, powerful and efficient business. We also know how difficult it is to optimize the software for various Android devices like Samsung, HTC, LG, Sony-Ericsson. Having a powerful team of developers that produce results at an excellent level and produce results that match the image of the company is critical for the business.

  • Android IT Function

    Our team does not make good apps: we are doing our best! The projects we offer include the following features.

    • Social tools (messaging, video, telephone, etc.)
    • GPS tracking
    • Long duration of the battery
    • Advanced data security
    • A very efficient and flexible approach
    • Interaction with hardware devices
    • Greater commitment of the user, etc.

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