iPhone app development costs: what are the costs of creating an iOS app?

Since the launch of the first ever iPhone, the app development market has shown growth. In 2014, mobile usage first exceeded the desktop in history, and statistics show that users spend most of their time in the app. In addition, with the introduction of Apple Pay, iPhone manufacturers have received billions of phone users from all around the world. Sounds incredible, right?

Why is the iPhone app so popular?

The emergence of iPhone applications has spread across many mobile platforms, including Microsoft, Android and other mobile operating systems. This is for a good reason. Mobile applications are an effective marketing tool for companies that want to attain more clients and a great opportunity for companies that want to increase employee mobility. Look at Uber or Airbnb, they've changed the industry and produced billions of dollars. Just think of - billions of dollars.

Where to start iphone app development?

Some iphone developers publish free apps that are simple but still downloaded by thousands of people. We know how many companies do not ever consider the possibility of development because they believe they will spend their wealth and will not know where to start. It's not hard for us to eliminate this myth and showcase to create your own mobile app. Let's talk about what your future app needs in the future.

The type of smartphone iphone app development

You can choose from a broad range of various digital products. The main apps are categorized by category - education,fitness, nutrition, productivity, lifestyle, health, entertainment and so on. The general types of smartphone apps based on architecture and functionality:

Table function. You can use the hierarchical template to create a basic product. You have a great theme on the open screen, and when you open a topic, a lower level of topics will appear. The iPhone email list is based on this principle. It is undoubtedly the development and design of the simplest iPhone application type, for those who wish to create simple apps, this is an amazing choice, and the purpose is to provide users with some kind of information. Professional designer, it is not difficult to make such a successful iPhone app.

Database-driven. This is not a specific kind of mobile application, but it deserves to be mentioned in the list.

Imagine you have many car models that have to be to organize and display in different ways? You can use a different approach to the base table schema. Development of this type in the app itself or in the online web service. Read more for more information on this type.

The game. The choice of game is endless, from very simple applications like Tetris, very complex nonlinear arguments and exceptional 3D graphics such as the need for speed or shadow fighting. By level, tilting the device in various directions to control your character and getting the top of the category of games from the App Store is difficult, but possible. You need to understand the gaming market and learn about the latest technology.

Update or customize the software or standard hardware. This type of app development means that you create an app as a more advanced alternative for particular features of the phone, such as a camera, a launcher, an alarm clock, a calendar, or a flashlight. A good example of this developmentis the VSCO application, which allows you to take photos, edit them, add multiple filters and adjust various settings and store them in the album created in the application.

Fully dynamic. Like database-driven, dynamic software relies on external sources of information - some examples are AccuWeather, Twitter, Flipboard, and so on.

Customizable tools and other applications. The purpose of such iPhone apps is to allow users to create their own unique content. Examples of these apps are Numbers, Pages, Adobe Illustrator Draw, and so on. There are many other apps that offer a unique experience that does not meet the categories are listed above, but these products mainly cover 90% of all apps available in the digital store.

iPhone software development process

The development process consists of four key phases: discovery, application planning and architecture, project design and implementation. It all starts with an idea. Once you realize that you need to move the product, you need to develop the vision that will be. You can browse the AppStore to see what apps you need and get inspiration from your competitors. Read more.

iPhone software development costs

When you have a clear view of the app you want to create, we can evaluate the approximate cost. Keep in mind that it is impossible to set the exact cost without knowing all project requirements, even though the cost may change due to possible risks and changes in functionality that the application may need in the process. Do not forget the other is that you can significantly change the cost based on the platform and the equipment on which you build the app. Make sure you have discussed with your developer your app running the device - talk to the iOS app, whether it supports iPhone 7, iPhone 6, iPad, and other Apple devices.

Average cost

The following are normal development costs for creating projects for different types of apps:

  • Basic app with table functionality development - $ 1000-4000. If you want to keep the cost of such a project at a minimum, provide content to the developer so they can understand the look of the application and show you some examples of existing products with similar functionality. If you know how to use Photoshop, it will be better, in which case you can provide an image for the project and can be limited to $ 1500. If you want to integrate your solution with a social network, track your location or use another technology can incur additional charges.
  • Database-based products development - $ 8000- $ 50000. If you want the lowest cost possible, provide each content, video, sound, image, and so on. However, the cost will be higher because the developer will have a task to build the logic behind the application, in addition to designing its architecture, usability and interaction. These products usually require a lot of front-end coding because they are mostly data driven, so the framework is very important.
  • Mobile games development - $ 10000- $ 250000. The most difficult to deal with the project. For example, "Angry Birds" costs about $ 140,000 for Rovio and generates more than $ 150 million in profits. Experienced game developer programmers can be sure to know - if you want the app to look cool, for example, using a gyroscope to control your character or racing game action, only the code will cost more than $ 125,000 No there is no doubt that you will need more functionality.

Even if you try to design the game as simple as possible, the game will be complicated and could become more complicated than expected. You will need to integrate it in the center of the game, record the highest score, create an online community, and so on. However, if the game is attractive and creative, the game has more opportunities to pay the price.

If you want to develop apps, our developers will never be compromised and ready to provide first-class solutions, regardless of simple design such as the design, we will provide users with impressive visual software feature rich. Many firms in the market will be the customer's price is too high, so as to profit from the maximum possible. Be sure that if you do work with us, it will not happen like that because we have a common goal - to be successful. In addition, we are very flexible and we are ready to negotiate the price and do everything possible to maintain your budget without affecting anything important.


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