Recent Web Projects

Real-time Interpreter

A mobile app that connects interpreters and audience

One of our development cases was dedicated to a cloud-based platform for enabling remote simultaneous interpretation activity at international conferences and meetings. The app was developed to make interpreting more affordable reducing the costs of interpreters transportation and accommodation letting interpreters to work from any location using their iPhones, iPads or laptops. The platform also lets audience and speakers to participate remotely if they can not be present. Category: Business, Utility Technology: Objective-C, OpenTok, AFNetworking.


Create your own events of find the one you do want to miss

In collaboration with our client, our team developed an event mobile application with social-networking component and geo-location functionality for iOS and Android operating systems.The registration is simplified with the help of Facebook and email accounts. A user should just fill in his interests, and the app will create a list of the events which is based on user’s preferences providing the description and other relevant information, such as ticket cost, time, address, etc. Users can both participate and create their own events and latter share photos and videos from their in the event feed. Category: Social Networking, Event, Geo-Location Technology: Java, Spring Framework, Hibernate, Amazon SDK, PostgreSQL.


App that disclose the study on legislators’ votes

Working with the Advance Arkansas Institute, our development team built a mobile application that provides users with statistics on legislators’ votes helping Arkansas citizens making the process of enactment transparent and clear. The app presents the study of the voting records in a convenient and user-friendly way, provides the pictures of legislators, the district map, and the bills they voted. The study discloses legislators’ activity and rates them letting improve Arkansas citizens welfare. Category: Informative Technology: Objective-C, CSV, CocoaPods, TPKeyboardAvoiding, CHCSVParser, Appoxee.


Be always aware where is your child

Our customer wanted to create a product which will help relatives to allay all concerns about their family members. The client’s idea implied the creation of a mobile application which lets view locations of the users on the map. We implemented the registration via Facebook or email accounts and enabled users to send invitations by email. With the consent from the users, the app displays their location on the map. Users can choose themselves who to show and also can define a specific location to get push notifications when the other user appears there. Category: Navigation Technology: Swift, IOS SDK, Foundation, UIKit, CoreLocation, PromiseKit


Match symptoms and suitable medicine

One of our clients was engaged in the healthcare activity and wanted to create a mobile solution which could help people to find suitable medicine products which can be sold without doctor’s prescription based on the symptoms. The app is considered to be used by patients with mild, acute ailments to help them navigate in the variety of the over-the-counter medicine products which are available in the market. The user enters his or her symptoms and quickly and easily can find suitable medicine. Category: Healthcare, Informative Technology: PHP, Yii, MVC, Objective-C, CoreData, iCloud, StoreKit, RestKit, MagicalRecord, RMStore.

Reward Program

Promote your favourite place and get the reward

Our customer, a proven leader in loyalty programs, approached to us having a working website which represents him on the Web. The next step for them was a creation of mobile applications for Android and iOS platforms which will provide them a stable presence in the mobile ecosystem. We build a program which helps our customer to continue the partnering with thousands of businesses on the next level, giving users an opportunity to earn a reward for check-ins into their favourite places, write reviews, upload pictures and sharing offers with their friends. Thus, the app lets our customers provide their services with a mobile solution and strengthen the relationships with businesses by promoting them. Category: Lifestyle, Loyalty Program Technology: Android SDK, ActiveAndroid, GSON